Research Article| Volume 17, ISSUE 4, P737-752, December 1997

Troponin, Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Allan S. Jaffe
    Address reprint requests to Allan S. Jaffe, MD, Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine, SUNY HSC at Syracuse, 750 E. Adams St., Syracuse, NY 13210
    From the Cardiovascular Division, State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse, Syracuse, New York
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      There remain some questions concerning the specifity of the troponins, especially cardiac troponin T. Nonetheless, they represent a substantial advance in both speciificity for cardiac injury and improved sensitivity. Thus, it is likely that these markers will lead to the definition of new clinical syndromes by unmasking false positive elevations in MBCK and by identifying elevations indicitave of cardiac abnormalities that could not be detected by any other means. The development of new more sensitive assays should further improve our understanding of disease processes that involve the heart by allowing for more subtle abnormalities to be detected.
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