Preface| Volume 26, ISSUE 1, Pxiii-xiv, March 2006

Clinical Toxicology

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      Daniel E. Rusyniak, MD Guest Editors
      After the publication of the “Medical Toxicology” issue of the Medical Clinics of North America in November 2005, we were asked by Elsevier to adapt and publish those articles deemed suitable for the Clinics in Laboratory Medicine. In considering this, we sought advice from many colleagues and friends regarding what aspects of the previous work would be appropriate for this publication's audience. The culmination of this discussion has resulted in this issue. Several of the articles are unchanged from the previous publication, several have been modified, and several are completely new articles.
      Medical toxicology is a subspecialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Physicians who have trained in this area focus their practice on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of poisoning. Over the past decade, the field of medical toxicology has grown in conjunction with the emergence of new pharmaceuticals, abused drugs, chemicals within the workplace, and weapons of mass destruction. For this issue, we invited authors from many of the outstanding medical toxicology training programs to address a variety of pertinent topics. A detailed discussion on gross and microscopic pathology was purposely omitted, because the emphasis is on clinical presentation, pathophysiology, appropriate diagnostic testing, and management of acute and chronic poisoning. It is our hope that clinicians from all backgrounds will glean some information from this issue that will help them to provide exceptional care for individuals who have been poisoned.