Review Article| Volume 25, ISSUE 2, P231-246, June 2005

History of the Development of the Classification of Renal Cell Neoplasia

      Renal neoplasia is a novel form of malignancy; the earliest confirmed case was reported by Miriel in 1810 [

      Miriel G. Summarized thoughts on the importance of a diagnosis. Paris: 1810 [in French].

      ]. During the next 15 years, an additional 12 cases were documented [
      • Delahunt B.
      • Thornton A.
      Renal cell carcinoma. A historical perspective.
      ]; in 1826, the first classification of renal tumors was proposed by König [
      • König G.
      Practical treatment of diseases of the kidney as explained by case histories (in German).
      ]. In this classification, tumors were divided on the basis of gross morphologic appearance into fungoid, medullary, scirrhous, and steatomatous types.
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